Paul Bunton: Innovative Design Lead and CEO of BCA Architects

About Paul Bunton - Architect

The recipient of a bachelor of architecture degree from Kansas State University, Paul Bunton has accumulated 35 years of professional architectural experience, 28 of which have been with BCA Architects, which he co-founded in 1988 and now serves as CEO. In nearly 30 years with BCA, Paul Bunton has led design efforts on over $1.5 billion worth of public and private projects, including the Saint Michael Archangel Serbian Orthodox Church, and the Long Beach City College Nursing & Health Technology Building.

A member of the Coalition for Adequate School Housing, Paul Bunton has twice received the Award of Excellence from that professional organization for his design of Christopher High School and of San Mateo High School. He has also led innovative project ideas such as the 21st century demonstration classroom, which is located in BCA's Silicon Valley offices. The cost-effective classroom design demonstrates a fully interactive educational environment with integrated technology including touch screen LED displays, flexible and mobile furniture, an amplified sound system, and various other amenities that allow diversified instruction at various levels.

Mr. Bunton works with all involved stakeholders on various projects to ensure the success of each project through BCA's consensus building process. Paul Bunton also acts as the firm's liaison to planning commissions, city councils, school boards, and other community representatives across the State.